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Suzhou MicroClear Medical Instruments Co., Ltd

Suzhou Microclear Medical Instrument Co., Ltd was established in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) in June, 2011. It is introduced by SIP government and founded by returnee talent, who is also national expert, innovative and entrepreneurial talent, and leading figure in Gusu and SIP district.

Focused on ophthalmology and optometry imaging, Microclear integrates self-developed critical components with artificial intelligence & connection technology, to provide high quality Chinese created equipment and service for hospitals and basic medical institutes across the globe.

Based on self-innovation, and with products of CRO (Confocal Retina Opthalmoscope), HFC (Handheld Fundus Camera), HSL (Handheld Slit Lamp) and VS (Vision Screener), Microclear has achieved 46 patents and is applying for 3 PCT patents. All products have been distributed to over 30 countries and regions with FDA and CE approval.

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Ultra-wide field laser scanning retina angiograph - CRO PLUS (Apollo)
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Hand-held Fundus Camera(LUNA)
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Digital Hand-held Slit Lamp(HYPERION)
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Hand-held Vision Screener(ATHENA)
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