Sep. 13-17, 2017, the 22nd CCOS was held in Strait International Conference and Exhibition Center in Fuzhou; more than 20,000 Chinese and international doctors and representatives gathered in beautiful Fuzhou, at this time, we show our strength to the world.
During the exhibition, Microclear show the confocal retina ophthalmoscope, hand held fundus camera and digital hand held slit lamp, also demo new hand held vision screener and upgrade version of hand held devices. At the same time, we invited several nationally famous ophthalmic experts, discussed ophthalmic new technology, new updates and future development with national and international fellows. The experts spoke high of Microclear products on exhibition, which fully shows our innovation and technical strength, also make us focused by fellows and media.

Prof. Youxin Chen from Peking Union Medical College Hospital said: Microclear launching CRO, breaks the long-standing import monopoly, Microclear is the pride of nation.

Every expert gave a thumbs-up to Microclear. They think Microclear products can compete with world leading products now, and they also expect Microclear products gradually replace imported products and do contribution to national ophthalmic cause.

Foreign experts also praise highly of Microclear products, they like the compact and functional products, showing great interest in working with Microclear.